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  1. Terri Drollinger /

    That was awesome. Thank you God & than you Dan of reminding me of the peace I have in Him, through Him & with Him right now especially.

    1. Pastor Dan / Post Author

      We will continue to keep all of you in our prayers and that God will continue to pour on you His peace.

  2. Mark Bacon /

    Dan – As a scientist and a committed believer in a personal God, I’ve read Lee Stroebel’s book a couple times, and I certainly agree with most of the science Stroebel’s interviewees present. Just a couple things I would point out. First, there are a few subtle but fundamental differences between what I call mainstream science that leading research scientists do and the creation science or Intelligent Design that Stroebel focuses on. The main distinction is that research science doesn’t try to demonstrate that God is the author of creation. The science unapologetically speaks for itself, representing God’s work through the beauty and precision of His creation.
    Second, Lee Stroebel gets into a lot of science that will fly over the head of people without a basic background in science. Things like different levels of infinity and the distortion of space and time from Einstein’s relativity are tough stuff for the uninitiated. I’m looking for a more basic book to recommend as a preparation for “The Case for a Creator.” – Mark Bacon

    1. Pastor Dan / Post Author

      Thank you for your feedback. If you find such a book, let me know.


      1. Mark Bacon /

        Thanks, will do!

  3. Deb /

    Thanks for sermon. Great!

  4. Dianne Troxel /

    Dan i was very happy to watch today from my kitchen table and still felt like you were talking to me. So glad technology makes this possible. Liked the songs very much. Nice job everyone.

    1. Pastor Dan / Post Author

      I am glad that technology allowed us to do this as well. Glad you were able to tune in and feel connected.

  5. Jacque Lae /

    Pastor Dan,

    I appreciate your message and encouragement regarding Jesus’ victory may not be present during this time but is sure to come. Thank you Pastor Dan and the Worship Team for reaching out to us all and connecting with us at this much needed time.

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