• Network Bible is moving!

    Network Bible is moving from PJC to 1717 RT Dunn Drive, Suite 203, Bloomington, this Sunday, January 31, 2016. We invite you to come and join us for faith2life groups at 9, worship at 10:30, and for a potluck following church.

    We are excited about what God is doing and look forward to a new year in our new location and hope you will be able to come and celebrate with us.

  • First Worship Service in New Location

    God is good.  Today we had our first worship service in the new location and everything went very smoothly.  People loved the new location and worship went very well.  We continue to work our way through Revelation and it has been a fascinating journey.  If you have not been a part of it, check out the past sermons and join in the fun as we see what God has to say to us through the wonderful book of Revelation.

  • Network is moving to a new location

    We are excited to be moving locations.  A heartfelt thanks to Julie Dobsky and Little Jewels, who have been great hosts allowing us to worship there for the last three years.  But starting July 6, 2014, our new location for worship will be:

    Prayer and Justice Center (PJC)
    (the old Jamani Java)
    3703 Ireland Grove Rd, Ste 1